IBN The International Barcodes Network


We are an authorized member of The International Barcodes Network. This is a network of barcode resellers in various countries dedicated to expanding the availability of reasonably priced barcodes worldwide. As part of this network, we have access to far more information on barcodes than other resellers and can advise you on barcodes in specific countries.

The International Barcodes Network works directly in 60+ different countries. The Network was formed to increase the availability of reseller barcodes and barcode information worldwide. We do this by providing local offices where local licensees know their individual markets and supply reseller barcode numbers for a reasonable price in the client’s native language. This means that our members have extensive experience with barcodes internationally.  We are able to provide practical advice on the use of retail and other barcodes anywhere in the world. Our members can help you incorporate barcodes into your business.

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Members of the International Barcodes Network have sold barcodes to over 100,000 clients in over 120 countries. They have international expertise and many years of experience in the barcode industry. Our members obtain their barcodes through this Network, which ensures that the barcodes sold are of the highest quality. All barcodes are checked for illegal use on the internet before a sale, which reduces the chance of customers having issues due to barcode piracy. Members of the International Barcodes Network have access to resources to help ensure that their barcodes are accepted by more retailers in each country. This means that barcodes purchased from our members are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other barcode reseller. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us


About the International Barcodes Network

The International Barcodes Network was formed in 2013 by International Barcodes Ltd, to complement the international barcode services already provided by Barcodes Ltd (formed in 2007). International Barcodes Ltd is an NZ Company operating internationally.

We are focused on expanding the availability of reasonably priced reseller barcodes and providing useful barcode information worldwide. Where possible, we do this by providing local offices where licensees know the market and can manage client’s individual needs better in the client’s native language. Through this, we are helping to build a global barcode network.

Please see our ‘Company Registration Information’ for official company details.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about our network, company or our barcodes.


The International Barcodes Network (IBN) is also known as:

Red de Códigos de Barras Internacional (Spanish)

Red Internacional de Códigos de Barras (Spanish)

Rede Internacional de Códigos de Barras (Portuguese)

Internationale Barcode Netzwerk (German)

Réseau International pour Codes à Barres (French)

Réseau International du Code-Barres (French)

Réseau international de codes à barres (French)

Jaringan Barcode Internasional (Indonesian)

Internationale Barcodes Netwerk (Dutch)

Network Internazionale Dei Codici a Barre (Italian)

Міжнародної Мережі Штрих-кодів (Ukrainian)