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  • Trinidad Barcodes was formed in 2018 to complement our International Barcode Network services provided by Barcodes Ltd (formed in 2007).   Barcodes Ltd is a New Zeeland Company operating internationally to expand reasonably priced barcodes and to provide general barcode information worldwide. Trinidad Barcodes are here on the ground to ensure that our customers get the best value, the local support needed and the best service 24 hours daily.


  • Barcodes Trinidad is guided by four principles: customer focus, passion for commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. We strives to be the most customer-centric company and to ensure that we receive positive customer reviews for our most convenient and efficient one-stop shopping with personalized recommendations for a better customer experience.


  • As a certified member of the International Barcodes Network Company, Trinidad Barcodes aims to help small businesses grow by providing low cost, high quality barcodes and barcode services for a one-off cost. We will continue to offer:-


Top Quality Service & Delivery Around the Clock


  • 20220225 171414 4 Automatic Email of Barcode Packages
  • Friendly & Ongoing Support
  • Super Quick Response to queries
  • Experience staff to help


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Trinidad Barcodes 

Phone: 868-392-6631

Joey Lewis Lane, La Horquetta, Trinidad

Email:  [email protected]

Website: www.barcodestrinidad.com


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