Code 128 and Code 39 Barcodes


    These are used for library books and gym membership cards as well as asset tracking in large businesses. We can supply code 128 or code 39 barcodes in your preferred format – either jpeg, pdf, eps, tiff or bmp.

    Please advise what format you want (e.g. jpeg), what size barcodes you want (e.g. 3cm wide x 2cm high), what sequence you would like (e.g. 1000 barcodes, starting at 39123000 and ending at 39123999) and which type of code you want (e.g. Code 128).

    Once we receive your order, we will manually create the barcodes for you, and email them to you. This will normally take 12-24 hours (between Monday-Friday) depending on the time of day/week that you make the order.


    Quantity   Price per image

    1                 $ 20.00 USD

    2                 $ 17.00 USD each

    3                 $ 14.00 USD each

    4 +              $ 10.00 USD each

    10 +            $ 6.00 USD each

    20 +            $ 4.00 USD each

    50 +            $ 2.00 USD each



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The Difference between Code 128 & Code 39:

Code 128 barcodes look like this:

Code 128 barcode image sample


Code 39 barcodes look like this:

Code 39 barcode image sample - Asset Barcodes

The main difference between Code 39 and Code 128 – as you can see from the example images above – is that Code 128 has a much higher data density than Code 39. Therefore, we recommend that you label very small items using a Code 128 barcode. Most scanning machines can read both types of barcodes easily (however some scanners are unable to read barcodes that contains alphabetic letters – therefore it is safest to only use numeric digits, if possible, unless you know that your barcode scanner can cope with alphabetic letters too).

If you don’t know which format to use, we recommend Code 128 because it is suitable for any size item/label.  

Note: Code 128 and Code 39 should not be used for products that are for sale in retail stores (retail products need EAN barcodes).

Please feel free to contact us for any guidance regarding your specific use of these.