QR Codes – Static and Dynamic


qr code

Also known as: Quick Response Code, Matrix Barcode, 2D Codes

Encodable digits: Alphanumeric and symbols

Length: Variable

Purpose: Commonly used to encode a website URL, Track information, and store over 6000 digits/4000 characters in the form of images, videos, URLs, etc.


  • With this automated service, your QR Code Images are received in minutes. These QR Images are scanned by smartphones and have a variety of different functions, the most common is to automatically link the smartphone to the encoded URL when scanned.


  • They can also be used to automatically create calendar events, add contact information, make a phone call, and send a text as well as various other functions. We can encode any information you like into a QR Code. Please let us know what you would like encoded in the ‘additional information’ section when filling out your details.


We have TWO types of QR codes available for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)



– these encode YOUR URL directly in the QR code

– these are permanent – they will work as long as your website URL doesn’t change

– they can’t be changed, as the URL is encoded directly in the QR Code

– unlimited scans



These use our Dynamic QR Code service, which enables the target URL to be changed repeatedly in the future if required.


Unlimited scans: Scans of the Dynamic QR Code are UNLIMITED so long as you don’t abuse the QR code with millions of scans that cause technical problems such as crashed servers.


Functions for life: The Dynamic QR Code, with its redirection capability, will function FREE for two years and will continue to function after that for as long as you pay an annual fee of $10.


Unlimited redirection of the target URL: On initial purchase, you specify a target URL. You can ask us to REDIRECT the target URL as often as you wish, at a fee of $10 for each redirection.


Tracking Reports: Need to see how often, time of day, most popular day, and which country your QR codes are being scanned? Order a dynamic QR code, and we can supply TRACKING REPORTS. You can pay us for TRACKING REPORTS with prices depending on frequency, the complexity of reports, and how many QR Codes are being tracked 


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  • QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)

    We have TWO types of QR codes available here for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)

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