“Do I Need Barcode Verification?”

Some retailers require Barcode Verification for all new products entering their stores. Please check with your retailer to see whether this is required. Other companies conduct these tests themselves on new products they are accepting.

Verification Reports can also be performed on your artwork before printing. This is a good way to determine whether your barcode is likely to be readable when it is finally printed. NOTE that Verification Reports on barcode artwork do not guarantee that the final printed barcode will scan well – as there can be errors in the final barcode printing process.

The safest process is to get a Barcode Verification report performed on your artwork and another verification report for your final printed product.

If you would like a Verification Report (for your artwork or final printed barcode), please purchase below and send us a copy of your barcode. Post or courier the final printed barcode to us (as printed on its label or packaging). Our address is on our contact page.

Verification reports for your completed barcode artwork and finally printed packaging.


Price:   US $59.00 Per Report

Barcode Verification Report