Barcode Registration

Barcode registration makes it easier for retailers and customers. It also easier to find your company & product information through searching online for the barcode number, or with a barcode scanning app. In addition, when a barcode is registered on the internet database, it minimizes the risk of persons illegally using the barcodes on sites like Amazon etc.

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When you get to the checkout page, please enter your barcode numbers into the “enter your barcode number(s) here” box. If you have more than one barcode number, please separate each number with a comma. We will then send you an email asking for proof that you own the barcode numbers. When we receive proof of barcode ownership, we will activate your barcode numbers for registration and give you instructions for how to register them.

For customers with Existing Barcode Numbers These are the discounted prices here:-

Price per Registration
1 + $ 20.00 USD each
5 + $ 18.00 USD each
10 + $ 16.00 USD each
20 + $ 14.00 USD each
30 + $ 12.00 USD each
50 + $ 10.00 USD each



Barcode Registration