Barcode Labels 2″ x 1″

For customizable size please contact us if you have specific sizing requirements.

Standard Label Package size:-

1       200 Labels- US $32

2       600 Labels- US $56

3      1500 Labels- US $110


Free Delivery – all of our barcode labels are delivered free to your door.

Note – We can supply various label types and sizes included code-128 or code-39 sequential labels and ITF-14 labels. Please contact us if you require these.

Note – While we are quick to get the printing underway and in the post to you, please allow 3 working days for printing and 7 for delivery. Please ensure that you order your labels with plenty of time to spare in the allowance for this.

Please contact us if you want to order barcode labels from us or any specific questions. 


Barcode Labels 2″ x 1″