Amazon Barcode Requirements

Amazon uses barcode numbers (13-digit EAN or 12-digit UPC) as unique product identifiers, and then they also assign their own unique identification number – called an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Amazon prefers barcode numbers to come directly from GS1 – they have a preference that their suppliers are current members of GS1. Unfortunately, this is very expensive, especially for smaller manufacturers/businesses – as GS1 charge relatively expensive joining fees, plus recurring fees for the rest of your product life. So GS1 membership is effective for listing on Amazon but also an expensive option.

The great news is that we have many customers who can still use our barcode numbers to list their products on Amazon.  You might need to enter our barcodes in Amazon’s system as 12-digit versions (UPC) without a leading 0 (e.g. 0712345678901 becomes 712345678901) – both versions of the number are the same and belong to you – but Amazon possibly prefers the 1- digit version at the moment.

  • Sometimes Amazon asks for proof of the connection between the supplier (you) and the original barcode licensee (as listed on – we can provide our customers with a document demonstrating this chain of proof. Some of our customers have had this accepted by Amazon.
  • It is possible to apply to Amazon for GTIN exemption – this allows the listing of products without a GTIN (barcode) – the process and requirements for this exemption are unclear.
  • We have been advised by customers occasionally that Amazon require their website address (URL) on the barcodes invoice. Please let us know (when you purchase barcodes or later) if you would like your website address on the invoice/receipt.
  • Recently (since late 2019), Amazon has tightened up on the ‘brand’ field when listing. They are pushing suppliers to register on the Amazon brand Directory (see below). However, we have been able to list products using ‘N/A’ in the brand field (as recommended by Amazon). Other Amazon suppliers report using ‘Generic’ or ‘unbranded’ in this brand field.

It might also be possible to register with Amazon’s Brand Registry, making it easier to have products approved on Amazon and reduce the occasional problems with barcodes.

Amazon Error Codes

There are a few specific error codes that can commonly occur while trying to list on Amazon. These commonly have to do with the ‘Brand’ field during the listing process.

Fortunately, these usually have a simple solution. Common error codes and solutions can be seen here.


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